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Below is a list of RGP features. All plans include complementary one-on-one training to help you get the most out of the service.
Standard Plus Premium
Point of Sale
Redeem/Sell Gift Cards
Assign Quick Keys to Products
Check Customer Invoice/Payments Tab
Integrated Credit Card Processing at POS
Prorate Any Product
Attach Product at POS to Youth Program Participant
Invoice Accounts / On Account Sales
Quick Check-in Capability
Email Receipts *
Find Digital Document
Online Membership Change Request Form
Standard Plus Premium
Data Entry
Custom Queries
Export Sales/Payment Information from RGP to Quickbooks Desktop
Document Management Configuration
Recurring Monthly Billing Memberships (EFT) **
General Reports
Membership Retention and Analysis
Customer Activity Analysis Reports
Create Custom Reports via Queries
Set up Auto Email Reports *
Rock Gym Pro Updates
Staff Time Clock
View Unbillable Balances
Mass Dues Changes
Membership/Punch Card Customer Quick Configure
Audit Log
Newsletter Email List Management
Offsite Secure Backup
Automatic POS Check-in and Configure
Transactional Email System *
Youth Program Management
Document Scanning and Classification
Define Customer On-Account Spending Limits
Data Charting and Visualization
Digital Waiver System
FREE Smartwaiver Integration
Find Digital Documents
Standard Plus Premium
Member Guest Pass
Share Punch
Standard Plus Premium
Web Dashboard
Cloud-based Dashboard
Standard Plus Premium
Booking/Calendar System
Branded Mobile App
Build Schedules for Your Offerings and Events
Allow Staff to Make Bookings Within RGP
Online Customer Booking ***
Integrated Online Bookings/Payments into RGP ***
Online Membership Sales ***
Event/Class Check-in from Check-in Screen
Membership Change Request Form
Event Document System
Available in Test Mode
Standard Plus Premium
Gift Cards
Integrated Gift Card Purchase
* SendGrid account required. Subscription rates vary.
** Requires a Merchant Account with OpenEdge or Stripe for CC and ACH Works for checking or savings accounts (Note: Only OpenEdge is available to use during the free trial).
*** Stripe account required to accept online payments via the online booking system.

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All paid plans include complimentary one-on-one training to help you launch and optimize your RGP service.